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Silver Jubilee


Holy Family’s Jubilee Year 2012-13

Holy Family opened its doors as an all-through secondary co-educational Catholic comprehensive school in September 1988. This academic year then is the Silver Jubilee year of the school – we will be 25 years old on September 1st 2013.

There have been many changes as the school has grown and developed over the past quarter of a century and we pay tribute to all who have contributed to the Holy Family story. Some of our founding staff are still here and we now have a growing number of past students who have joined us both as teachers and support staff. We are very keen in this Jubilee Year to develop our links with our former students and create a strong alumni network to the benefit of our present students.

Our Mission Statement makes clear our values:

Holy Family Catholic School is a Catholic Community embracing the clear Christian values of respect, service and justice.

We are a family of many cultures sharing one faith.

We exist to educate young people towards excellence in all dimensions of their lives, recognising the uniqueness of each and the equality of all.

We work to instil these values in all who come through our gates. In this Jubilee Year we have changed the name of the school slightly from Holy Family Technology College to Holy Family Catholic School to more closely reflect our Catholic identity.

The Jubilee celebrations

What has happened so far?

We have already begun our Jubilee Year with a number of events and activities:

  •  We held our whole school Jubilee Mass in the Walthamstow Assembly Rooms – a magnificent occasion concelebrated by the priests of the Deanery and attended by the 1250 students and staff of the school.
  • We have produced a special Jubilee logo designed by one of our students and created a Jubilee Banner
  • We have begun work on a film of a Year in the Life of Holy Family
  • We have produced special Jubilee Year branded student journals
  • We are marking a Jubilee Month of Remembrance in November with special services in the school

What is to come?

Our students will be helping us to choose a special Jubilee Year charity for our fundraising efforts this year

  •  We will have a very special Jubilee Year Carol Service in Our Lady and St George’s Parish Church on Tuesday 18th  December at 7.00pm
  • We have our Jubilee Year school production of Our Country’s Good on Wed 12th and Thursday 13th December in the Wiseman Hall
  • In the summer term we will be organising two events:

One will be an opportunity for past and present staff to mark the Jubilee Year with a social evening in the school in May 2013

The second will be a special Jubilee Mass at OLSG to which all former staff and students will be invited. This will be held in June 2013 with more details to follow once we have confirmed arrangements.

  • We will be producing a time-capsule to be buried in the school grounds at the end of the Jubilee Year

The history of Holy Family

Have you any photographs from your school days you would be willing to share with us? We want to work to produce an historical archive to record the past history of the school and to trace its development.

Are you an alumnus of the school who could help our present students? We are always keen to hear from you. One initiative we are working on at present is to provide professional work experience placements to sixth form students in the summer between Yr 12 and Yr 13. If you are able to offer such a placement then we would be very keen to hear from you.

You can contact the school and send in photographs on the email address below: